Baltimore Complete Streets Coalition

We have been on a meeting tour since 2017, talking complete streets with national and statewide advocacy organizations as well as city agencies, non-profits, and local community associations.

We are committed to building a broad and diverse coalition in support of Complete Streets, and that coalition is growing daily. Let us know if your organization is interested in joining the coalition below.


Coalition Highlights

On behalf of the 192,000 Baltimore residents who are fifty and older...AARP supports the Complete Streets Ordinance introduced by Councilman Ryan Dorsey and respectfully we request the Land Use and Transportation Committee find this initiative favorable for the community.

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Embracing a genuine Complete Streets policy and enacting it into law would improve the quality of life for all Baltimore City residents. The American Heart Association urges passage of this legislation which would demonstrate to the public that the Baltimore City Council believes that it has the responsibility for protecting the health and safety of its constituents.

Every day in Baltimore City, thousands of children walk or take public transit to their schools, and they have to do so on roads that are unsafe...This ordinance will ensure projects that will save lives and improve outcomes for children will move forward...I urge you to support this bill.

The Maryland Building Industry Association, represents over 1,000 business members and 100,000 employees in Baltimore City and across the State...In a built-out, urban environment like Baltimore, Complete Streets are vital for the continued growth and vitality of the City, especially to attract new residents and retain existing residents.


The Complete Streets ordinance would “hit the reset button” and shift the city’s orientation towards a Fair Development model that considers the needs of residents; opens the planning processes to more participation, transparency and accountability; and has the potential to compliment other significant policies goals around employment, environmental sustainability, and affordable housing.

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In the Summer of 2016, a young girl in our neighborhood was a victim of a hit-and-run on Mosher Street. She survived, but is still confined to a wheelchair. Although the speed limit is only 25mph on Mosher Street, the 4-lane wide road invites reckless vehicles to speed much faster. The design guidelines set forth in the Complete Streets bill would mitigate these dangers to our children.


The Full Coalition