33% of Baltimore Residents lack access to a car. They rely on public transit, biking, walking, and ride sharing to move around the city. 

That number is as high as 80% in historically disenfranchised neighborhoods. But Baltimore spends a disproportionate amount of money on streets designed only to move cars.

We aim to change this.

Councilman Ryan Dorsey and Bikemore introduced an equity-focused Complete Streets Ordinance in Baltimore City Council that will begin to address the disparity created by decades of structurally racist and car-oriented road design.


Complete Streets are good for everyone.

Complete streets prioritize the safety of all people using the street over the speed of moving cars. Complete Streets often have slower speed limits, wide and maintained sidewalks and crosswalks, pedestrian focused lighting, protected bike lanes, bus lanes and bus shelters, and beautification like trees and plantings.

They are safer.

They reduce congestion.

They improve business.

They improve air quality.


Complete Streets have broad support.

Councilman Ryan Dorsey and Bikemore have been on a meeting tour for the past six months, talking complete streets with national and statewide advocacy organizations as well as city agencies, non-profits, and local community associations.

We are committed to building a broad and diverse coalition in support of Complete Streets, and that coalition is growing daily. Let us know if your organization is interested in joining the coalition below.